My priority is your horse's welfare and happiness

We all want that magical connection with our horses but often there's a couple of obstacles in the way. These can be physical or emotional and our job is to help our horses through it. By helping them heal first, by helping them understand the world we live in better, we automatically start to build a relationship with them. And we can do all of this in a positive and enjoyable way. I want to give you the tools to help your horse.

  • Learn more about your horse so you can provide him/her with the best possible life

  • Be more involved with your horse's care without feeling like you're doing something wrong or lacking knowledge.

  • Overcome the struggles you and your horse is facing by learning to identify the root cause and then address it.

  • She helped me understand

    "She helped me understand my horses hooves better and how he was sore without me knowing it. I rode him for the first time since his first trim from her last year and he was amazing! Thank you Louisa for everything you did for him. You are a blessing" - Veronica

  • She changed our lives

    "Hoof health is so important! If you haven't already, I would 100% recommend taking one of the TrulyTrust hoof courses. She totally changed my and my horses life!" - Aliyah

  • Built a better connection

    "If you are interested in learning more about R+ training or just want to improve your horse's overall welfare & build a better connection with your horse I would recommend TrulyTrust. The impact she had on Libby and I can only be shown by the way we interact with each other." - Alta

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