Learn about the emotions horses can experience so you can predict behaviour in different situations, and know how training influences this! 

Grab a coffee while you learn more about your horse! Do Horses feel fear? Can they get angry or experience grief? And how does this relate to our training? Find out in this class.

Understanding how your horse feels is one of the most important steps to learning what your horse is thinking, and how to train in an efficient way, which your horse truly loves. Because isn't that what really matters? Having a horse who is enjoying being with us, training with us?

Imagine knowing what your horse is feeling, and using that knowledge to predict how he/she is likely to respond in a given situation, and prevent an explosive reaction before it happens. Or having the joy in knowing that your horse truly enjoys your company and that you are providing him with a life full of pleasurable emotions. 

So many horses are misunderstood because we didn't learn about the basics, we didn't take the time to ask how they experience the world, but you can change that today! You can become more educated and separate fact from fiction.

It also includes a FREE gift! Which is a couple of pages from my ebook explaining emotions and how it affects behaviour

In this class you'll learn about:

  • The emotions horses can experience according to science
  • Why these emotions are linked to a horse's survival
  • How our training influences what our horses are experiencing
  • and more
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