Fast track through the confusion

The secret to success in training is learning about how the learner learns, and how the learner is motivated. IT STARTS with you, and with your knowledge before ever stepping into a training arena. Think about it; the more you learn about how your learner learns, the better you'll be able to teach. The more you know about how that individual is motivated, the better you'll be able to motivate them. This is where learning theory and motivational theory comes into play.

  • Discover how training, motivation and emotions are all linked to each other

  • Learn how the science about learning and motivation relates to your horse's training

  • Discover how to use this knowledge to adapt your training to build a positive relationship with your horse

Do you ever wonder why you are struggling in training? Or wonder why your horse is lacking motivation in certain activities but not others?

Before trying to solve these training obstacles we need to start by educating ourselves more first, and by doing so we'll find the solution and learn how to overcome the obstacles we are facing.

Let me explain: Let's say you are a student and an exam is coming up, but you aren't feeling motivated to study for it. Your parents tell you that if you get a good grade you will receive $50, but that doesn't interest you, and so this isn't motivating to you. If they offered to take you on vacation for a well-deserved break that might be more desirable and will actually motivate you to study. This is what Vroom's expectancy theory calls Valence and this same concept applies to horses. So you see, if we know how our horses learn and how they are motivated we will make progress faster and know how to train in an efficient way. Because we'll know WHY they are struggling.

I want to share this knowledge with you all in one place.

If you want to train your own horse but you're not sure how horses actually learn, or you want to promote a positive relationship in training but don't know which type of training will help you achieve that, then this course is for you!

Early in my positive reinforcement journey I found it difficult to understand motivation and knew nothing about any of the science behind training a horse. I wanted to train in a way that my horses enjoyed and where they had a choice, but the only way I knew how to motivate them was by increasing the level of pressure, which often led to a lot of frustration both for me and for the horse. And let's face it, when learning about different ways to train horses it's often difficult to know where different training can overlap and when it will only contribute to confusion in the horse. Most of us have questions like: Can positive reinforcement be combined with negative reinforcement? Can reinforcement quadrants be combined with punishment quadrants? How about classical and operant conditioning? And for some of us, these terms themselves make our heads spin. What if I could help you fast-track through this confusion, answer your questions, and help you gain the knowledge now?

What students are saying

5 star rating

Absolute spot on!

Kristen Miller

I don't normally like tests...but for this I absolutely loved the quiz at the end!!! Made it to where I actually think I am starting to truly understand this! Awesome! The info in it is awesome as well!

I don't normally like tests...but for this I absolutely loved the quiz at the end!!! Made it to where I actually think I am starting to truly understand this! Awesome! The info in it is awesome as well!

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5 star rating

Golden Nugget

alta Geyer

What a fresh take on equine motivation, very necessary for any horseman or horsewomen

What a fresh take on equine motivation, very necessary for any horseman or horsewomen

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5 star rating


Juryna Fourie

Brilliant courses with loads of information! Well explained!

Brilliant courses with loads of information! Well explained!

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Bonus material

You get so much more than just the course content, you will also receive:

  • Hopefully Positive Ebook

    $15 value

    This ebook covers various topics including emotions, training myths and the truth behind them, emotional obstacles horses face, the basics of positive reinforcement training, and more.

  • Downloadable infographics

    $20 value

    These infographics will enhance your learning experience by summing up the course content and giving you a quick reference to refer back to. It includes infographics on operant conditioning, learning theories, motivational theories, and motivational factors.

  • Unlimited Q&A

    Take your learning further

    Have all your questions answered in the discussion tab, while also learning from questions other students ask. This helps clear up any confusion surrounding the topics.

You got this!

Imagine what you could achieve with all of this new knowledge

  • Analyze a training situation

    Know why there's too little or too much motivation towards doing a certain task AND know how to adapt the training accordingly. OR knowing why one task is more motivating to the horse than another (why would the horse rather touch a target than pick up his hooves)

  • Understand the training

    Know the different ways horses learn, what drives them and why they are motivated to perform a certain task. AND know how different training impacts your horse's emotions and experiences.

  • Make progress & Gain confidence

    The more you learn and understand your horse the more confidence you'll gain and the faster you'll make progress in your training.

Course content

These are the chapters and lessons you'll receive

  • 1

    Learning through operant conditioning

    • Welcome!

    • Bonus - Ebook

    • An introduction to operant conditioning

    • Equine learning infographic

    • Operant conditioning and its link to emotions

    • Operant conditioning infographic

    • Reinforcement linked to punishment

    • Could we use different reinforcement quadrants together?

    • Test your learning (optional)

  • 2

    Other ways of learning

    • Forming associations part 1 - intro to classical conditioning

    • Forming associations part 2 - different parts of classical conditioning

    • Habituation (part 1)

    • Habituation (part 2)

    • Social learning

    • Test your learning (optional)

  • 3

    Motivational factors in training

    • Exploring lichtenberg's motivational theory

    • Exploring instinct theory of motivation

    • Equine motivational infographic

    • Exploring vroom's motivational theory - part 1

    • Exploring vroom's motivational theory - part 2

    • Exploring vroom's motivational theory - part 3

    • Motivation components

    • Analysing motivation infographic

    • Analysing the level of motivation

    • Test your learning (optional)

  • 4

    How this affects our relationship and training

    • Using knowledge about learning theory to our advantage

    • Why how a horse is motivated matters

    • Training ethically to build a positive relationship

    • Bonus! Different pressures in training + using pressure in a better way

    • Let us know what you think

    • Well done! Get your certificate of completion now!