Analysing motivation in training

Learn how to analyse motivation in training so you can keep motivation at just the right level, helping your horse be motivated but not over enthusiastic! 

Are you struggling to figure out how to motivate your horse in training? Or perhaps he is too motivated and becoming dangerous to handle. Do you want to know why? Do you want to know how to find that sweet spot of motivation so your horse is willing and eager to train, yet calm and collected? Well then this class is for you! Grab a coffee and notebook and gain more knowledge to uncover the true value and potential of your horse by improving his training and understanding him thoroughly.

Are you ready for another class in this series of equine learning and motivation? Are you ready to learn a way of analysing motivation in training  to feel empowered and able to tackle any training situation, knowing exactly how to motivate your horse.

Early in my positive reinforcement journey I found it difficult to understand motivation. I wanted to train in a way that my horses enjoyed and where they had choice, but the only way I knew how to motivate them was by increasing the level of pressure. And even with that the reason why more pressure motivated them was a mystery to me. Little did I know that motivation had so much more to do with the individual than with what I was doing or not doing. Little did I know that there were many factors involved in motivation, and that there were different motivational factors involved when teaching something new and when continuing training.

Imagine being able to look at a training situation, analyse it a few minutes and instantly know why there's too little motivation or too much towards doing a certain task. 

Imagine knowing why motivation towards doing one task is more than motivation towards doing another, and then knowing exactly what to change within training to achieve what you would like to.

I believe that once we understand the basics of what drives the horse to do something, to be motivated to perform a certain task, then we will instantly improve the efficiency with which we train. Thereby making more progress in training, in a shorter amount of time. If you ever wondered why your horse would rather stand still than trot, or touch the target and not move away from it, or run away rather than train, then come and join this class to find out!

This is a class within the Equine Learning and Motivation series consisting of 3 parts, this is part 3. BUT you do not need to have watched part 1 or 2 to watch this class, you just need a basic understanding of learning theory and motivational theory.

You'll also receive an amazing motivation infographic to help you analyse motivation quicker

In this class you'll learn about:

  • The Vroom expectancy theory 
  • and it's application to motivation
  • How we can use this theory of motivation to analyse our training
  • Using this to learn why our horse is not motivated
  • Then using it to show us how to adapt training to increase


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    Equine learning and motivation part 3 - Analysing motivation in training

    • The motivational theories infographic!

    • Motivational analyses infographic!

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