Are you ready to understand your horse's psychology better so you can provide him/her with the best possible learning environment? 

Do you want to be able to identify the reason behind possible problem behaviours, and diffuse them before they become extreme? 


This course is for every horse owner out there looking to understand their horse better, but especially for those who have horses dealing with emotional obstacles, such as horses coming out of a rescue situation or those that come across as very anxious or aggressive.

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I designed this course to help people understand the why behind the behaviours they see. When it comes to “problem” behaviour (or emotional obstacles as I like to call it) we are often taught a symptom-based approach; the horse rears so you must do XYZ to stop the rearing which often involves a lot of pressure/force. 

We aren’t however taught to search for the underlying core issue which is what we should actually be addressing, or how to positively deal with such situations that build the horse-human relationship instead of breaking it down. It's so important to understand the behaviour before trying to solve the problem so that we can help the horse long term.


Not only will I give you practical steps to handling unwanted behaviours in a positive and force-free manner during this course, but I will also teach you:

  •  How to search for the core issue behind the “problem” behaviour you are seeing. 
  • You’ll learn to understand the learning process and the development of the behaviour, 
  • Learn about the emotions, the motivation and so much more.
  •  As an extra bonus, you’ll also receive my e-book, ‘Hopefully Positive’, to assist you further on this journey, 
  • As well as a Behavioural challenges checklist which will help you get to the root cause faster.


Imagine knowing exactly how to handle the situation when a horse spooks or bites, while having the skills to analyse and then understand precisely why it happened, and afterwards being able to come up with a plan and a possible solution to prevent it from happening again. Are you ready to understand your horse? Are you ready to overcome behavioural challenges?

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

  • 2

    Understanding the horse

    • The Impact of lifestyle

    • Introducing yourself as a friend

    • Understanding your horse's emotions

    • The anxious horse

    • Emotional labelling

    • The aggressive horse

    • Understanding body language

    • When anxious turns aggressive

    • Operant conditioning

  • 3

    The effect of training and past experiences

    • Learning more about my horse

    • Different triggers

    • Trigger stacking

    • Addressing triggers

    • Classical conditioning

    • Discussing food anxiety and food aggression

    • What to do when your horse spooks or bites

    • How unwanted behaviour is reinforced

    • Extinction

    • Why could problem behaviour return or get worse

  • 4

    Getting to the core issue

    • Analyzing lifestyle

    • Analyzing history and past experiences

    • Analyzing training