Trimming from an inner foot perspective (online course)


I'll help you learn everything you need to know about hooves, inside & out, you'll also learn how to do a basic trim on a regular horse hoof. This'll help your horse be sound, happy and pain free while you're educated & saving money.

Help your horse be sound, happy and pain free to unlock his hidden potential through proper hoof care

Which problem are you dealing with when it comes to hoof care? Not having the money to pay the professionals? Not having professionals that know what they're doing? Not knowing which professional to actually get due to not having enough knowledge? Not even having a professional in your area? Feeling overwhelmed with all the information out there?

I've struggled with all of this and for many years thought that I was not capable of doing a good job trimming hooves and left hoof care completely alone, and when I finally learned how to do it, I found out that I was taught incorrectly and actually contributed to my horses developing chronic laminitis. I know this is not for everyone, and it's surely not an easy job BUT YOU CAN DO IT! It all starts with knowledge and practice. And that's why I developed this course for you

Imagine helping your horse be sound while being barefoot, even over gravel. Imagine finally having enough knowledge to confidently decide which professional to hire or even to do it yourself. Imagine having the freedom knowing your horse's hooves are properly taken care of.

This is what I want to help you with during this course! I want you to gain knowledge, and gain confidence in your horse's hoof care. 

This course features:

  •  Course content on the inner foot (this part grows the hoof capsule) and the hoof capsule (this is the hoof you see on the outside), teaching you how these two are connected, how they change, their anatomy and more
  • I'll also discuss hoof distortions with you and develop your skills in hoof trimming, helping you to recognise distortions and adapt the trimming accordingly
  •  Learn how to figure out which trim is best for your horse and how to adapt his environment to help the trimming along. 
  • Also learn which trimming practices can be damaging to the hooves long term
  • Not only that but you'll also receive my hoof ebook "Understanding Hooves" as a free gift 
  • AND a full, personalised hoof evaluation is included within this course which will help you see which distortions are present within your own horses' hooves and give you guidance as to ways to try and fix it.
  • So you not only get a ton of knowledge but you also get my help along the entire process. There's even an entire chapter dedicated to questions that come in from students!

BUT WAIT THAT'S NOT ALL! This entire course will be updated with new information and new research as it comes in, so you'll get all the future updates completely FREE!

YOU CAN help reduce the pain in your horse's hooves, whether that is through trimming yourself or by gaining the knowledge to choose the best trimmer and just keeping track of the progress along the way.

I'm excited to help you on this journey and ready to welcome you and your horse to discover your full potential.

(See the course content outlined below) Please remember that this course does not qualify you for anything, it's purely developed to enhance your knowledge and skills so you can improve the life of YOUR horse.

Course content

  • 1

    Module 1: Learning about the basics

    • Lesson 1: Welcome!

    • Lesson 2: Taking the perfect hoof evaluation photos

    • Lesson 3: Talking wild horses, impact of environment and diet

    • Lesson 4: Foundation knowledge about hooves (part 1)- inner foot anatomy

    • Lesson 5: Foundation knowledge about hooves (part 2)- hoof capsule anatomy

    • Lesson 6: Foundation knowledge about hooves (part 3)- measurements and mapping

    • Lesson 7: All about periople skin (part 1) - it's function

    • Lesson 8: All about periople skin (part 2) - when to trim and when not to trim

    • Lesson 9: All about periople skin (part 3) - the clues it gives us into hoof health

    • Lesson 10: Your toolbox for this journey

    • Test your knowledge! Just for fun

  • 2

    Module 2: Hoof wall

    • Lesson 1: The heel buttress (part 1) - how it relates to the inner foot

    • Lesson 2: The heel buttress (part 2) - identifying it

    • Lesson 3: Horn tubules (part 1) - relating it to the inner foot

    • Lesson 4: Horn tubules (part 2) - how they move

    • Lesson 5: Horn tubules (part 3) - identifying excess hoof wall

    • Lesson 6: Growth lines (part 1) - what it tells us about the inner foot

    • Lesson 7: Growth lines (part 2) - learning to adjust our trim according to what we see

    • Lesson 8: Hoof wall issues (part 1) - Flares and Run forward heels

    • Lesson 9: Hoof wall issues (part 2) - Contracted heels and cracks

    • Lesson 10: Trimming practices (part 1) - Terminology and how much to take off

    • Lesson 11: Trimming practices (part 2) - what we don't want to do

    • Lesson 12: The white line and water line (part 1)

    • Lesson 13: The white line and water line (part 2) - different colours

    • Test your knowledge! Just for fun

  • 3

    Module 3: Softer tissues

    • Lesson 1: Relating the frog and bars to the rest of the hoof

    • Lesson 2: Analysing frog and bar growth (part 1) - correct growth

    • Lesson 3: Analysing frog and bar growth (part 2) - distorted growth

    • Lesson 4: Understanding the frog stay (part 1) - why it's important

    • Lesson 5: Understanding the frog stay (part 2) - when it doesn't want to grow

    • Lesson 6: Identifying the frog stay

    • Lesson 7: Discussing the digital cushion

    • Lesson 8: Talking about the sole (part 1) - it's true shape

    • Lesson 9: Talking about the sole (part 2) - the heel and sole connection

    • Lesson 10: Talking about the sole (part 3) - Encouraging thick sole growth

    • Lesson 11: Softer tissues related to hoof issues (part 1) - Retained sole and sole exfoliation

    • Lesson 12: Softer tissues related to hoof issues (part 2) - Contracted heels and flares

    • Lesson 13: Softer tissues related to hoof issues (part 3) - Run forward heels and founder hooves

  • 4

    Module 4: Discussing Trimming

    • Lesson 1: How to prepare the hoof for a proper trim

    • Lesson 2: Documenting trims

    • Lesson 3: Trimming hoof wall - a discussion

    • Lesson 4: Trimming softer tissues - a discussion

    • Lesson 5: Evaluating the hoof before you begin

    • Trimming Checklist

    • Lesson 6: Heels and hoof wall

    • NEW Lesson 7: More on hoof wall

    • Lesson 8: Frog

    • Lesson 9: Sole and bars

    • NEW Lesson 10: More on bars

    • Checking in - progress check

    • Let us know what you think

  • 5

    Your Questions Answered

    • What this chapter is about